How to choose suitable office furniture?


As the so-called three hundred and sixty lines, every industry needs an office, and the most indispensable part of an office is office furniture. Especially now that everyone's pursuit of material things is getting higher and higher, so the requirements for the style of the office are different, but the pursuit of beauty is the same. If having a comfortable and beautiful office space is also a consideration for employees, what should we do when choosing furniture colors? The following small series will let you know about it.

When we go to choose furniture, whether it is new or second-hand office furniture, we should also pay attention to its color matching when looking at the style, because the color also has its own character and style, so that different colors set off each other, we can change the office dull atmosphere.

There are currently about 5 shades of office furniture on the market: black, gray, brown, dark red, and plain blue. Usually, different kinds of gray are used for desks; black and brown are used for boss chairs and reception room tables and chairs; plain blue and dark red are mostly used for office chairs.
Because blue is elegant, yet bright; red is solemn, yet lively; black and brown always give people a sense of solemnity, and using them to decorate the conference room will encourage you to concentrate on thinking.

In the office, each color has its own language, which conveys certain psychological messages to your colleagues and clients, while affecting the mood. Such as:

1. Black

Black conveys a kind of calm, solemn, elegant, minimalist, and fashionable characteristics, which can make people concentrate on thinking and increase the effect of negotiation. The black series of office furniture are generally leather sofas, executive chairs, etc., which are mostly used in government, corporate conference rooms, and manager rooms.

2. Grey

Grey conveys a sense of persistence, innocence, decency, and perseverance, and this color makes people feel elegant, comfortable, and approachable. The office furniture in the gray series has desks, office screens, etc.

3. Brown

Brown is regarded as a color with mental resistance, full of vitality, and gives a sense of solemnity. It is generally used to decorate conference rooms and can promote employees to concentrate on thinking.

4. Dark red

Dark red is characterized by solemnity, excitement, tension, excitement, a sense of oppression, and expansion, giving people positively, lively, and easy-to-mobilize emotions. This is generally used in office chairs, solid wood boss desks, and boss-supporting office furniture. 

5. Plain blue

Plain blue is elegant yet bright, symbolizing rationality and accuracy, which can promote successful negotiation and give people a relaxed feeling.

The above is an introduction to the five common colors of office furniture, especially in this era of more and more attention to the quality of life, everyone is very concerned about the style and beauty of office furniture.