Shipping Policy

Track Your Order and Pick up the Container

We make every attempt to process orders as quickly as possible. You can receive the shipping information (tracking number) from the consignee's mailbox we sent when we delivered the package.

And you will get the BL copy to pick up the container if you have to pay 70% of the balance. (Pay the final payment before sailing or after arriving in port)

Untraceable Packages

If you cannot track your package, you should notify our customer service by contacting [email protected]. Make sure to include your order number when requesting help. 

Estimated Delivery Time

Country of Region

Estimated Delivery Time


About 5-10 workdays


About 25-30 workdays

North America

About 25-35 workdays

South America

About 30-40 workdays


About 35-40 workdays


About 15-25 workdays


About 25-30 workdays