Purchase Office Furniture in This Way


Rapid iteration and innovation of advanced office furniture help companies create more ideal office spaces, and allow office workers to experience a happy office. As a result, purchasing office furniture has become an important part of office decoration. Today, I will share with you the most complete strategy for purchasing office furniture.

1. Before purchasing office furniture, confirm the office area.

The selection and quantity of office furniture are closely related to the office area. For example, if the space is small and additional office furniture is purchased later, there may be a shortage of raw materials, resulting in the inability of all office furniture to be in place in time, which in turn affects the office decoration. Therefore, it is best to find an office furniture manufacturer that provides door-to-door measurement services to avoid unnecessary time and property losses.

2. Give priority to multi-functional design office furniture procurement.

At present, mixed office is becoming the general trend of office mode, so when purchasing office furniture, please give priority to office furniture with multi-functional design. For example, a writing whiteboard with storage function can flexibly place office objects and move with you, and another example is a desk that can be deformed and reorganized to adapt to different office areas. Take Sennic's Youfan sofa as an example. Turning up the screen with noise reduction can create a private space in seconds, and the sail can be flexibly switched to the communication and collaboration mode.

3. Purchase office furniture in small batches, and give priority to buying simple disassembly and assembly.

For some office furniture purchased in small batches, give priority to the office furniture that can be recommended for disassembly, so that the disassembly and assembly of the office furniture can be completed according to the instructions, which is efficient and convenient. In addition, choosing the ones that can be recommended for disassembly and assembly is also because this type of office furniture often adopts a modular design. In the later maintenance, the replacement of spare parts will also be very convenient.

4. It is recommended to purchase office furniture in complete sets.

Obviously, purchasing a single category of office furniture cannot create a fully functional office space. For example, in the pantry, we need coffee tables, coffee tables, pillows, etc., and the training space needs supporting office furniture such as tables and chairs, whiteboards, and display cabinets. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a complete set of office furniture, so that the visual style is more unified, and there is also an opportunity to complete the purchase of complete sets of office furniture with a "package price".

Finally, I would like to remind you that when purchasing office furniture, priority should be given to office furniture manufacturers that can provide one-stop services. If you need customized services in purchasing, then these office furniture manufacturers can combine corporate style and space functions to provide a more comprehensive and mature service. 's suggestion. For example, Sennics office furniture manufacturers have not only a mature R&D team, but also a global marketing network and a large-scale intelligent manufacturing base to ensure fast supply, high quality and good after-sales, helping enterprises to efficiently complete office furniture procurement.